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Beauty alert


“With Hillary Clinton announcing her presidential bid for 2016, I think it’s safe to say that women aren’t shy creatures of habit content to sit back, cross our legs, and behave. We’ve time and again demonstrated that we’re a gender with some serious balls. A little face bijoux or a tube of black lipstick certainly isn’t going to frighten us now.”

These are the words of Amber Kallor, senior beauty editor at who recently wrote an article about how the extreme beauty for fall 15 is making us feel way more free than ever before (even when putting on heavy makeup).

Not only is she mentioning a change from makeup-free faces and “non-hair” trends, but also a new era where it’s more common to play around, and go for a bit more crazy ideas than usual. Yes -a freer approach ahead, and we’ve seen it several times this season. Rick Owens gold- and silver molded faces is a good example of that (image seen above) and Riccardo Tisci really went for it with Givenchy by sending out his models with both kiss curls, braids and heavy face jewelry (what’s not to love, no?). ”It’s a moment of women getting their strength again, and a bigger confidence and sensuality.” Tisci told i-D’s Anders Christian Madsen backstage.

Another thing that’s currently trending: pink hair. I love how Nicolas Ghesquière has taken a grip on the casting for Louis Vuitton, and I loved seeing Hin Lin Ly wearing candy colored hair beautifully matched with that perfect collection of his. And the heavy makeup? Well, that’s signed by two labels: Saint Laurent and Maison Margiela. Not to mention the strong all-black lips at Giles. This season is definitely not about the easy breezy beauty look, that’s for sure..

Maybe these aren’t the looks that you normally would choose for a day at work, but they sure are refreshing, no? Time to stop holding back!


Louis Vuitton

Maison Margiela


Images via

Beauty favorites

I’ve been planning on sharing my every day beauty routine for a while now, as this is something I often get questions about and -voila! Here it is! Now, let me clarify something first. I’m not one of those girls with flawless, glowing skin by nature but I haven’t had major issues either. I’d say I have a combination of “normal” and combination skin. These products are a part of my every day routine and they work good for me but we all have different needs. However, I must say that even though I try new stuff every once in a while, the below is what I always go back to.

Bioderma solution micellaireWell, I guess this one isn’t a stranger, no? A fragrance free cleansing and makeup removing water that prevent irritation and redness. Simple and effective.

SK-II facial treatment masksIt ain’t called miracle mask for nothing, that’s for sure. It’s the perfect way to rehydrate your skin, and a savior if you, like me, spend a lot of time on flights. I’ve said it before, you might look like a serial killer when having it on but I’m telling you -it’s worth it. 

Aveda botanical kinetics energizing eye cream – this energizing eye cream contains licorice root and coffee bean extracts, and it gives your skin a real boost – bye bye puffy eyes and dark circles! If I’m not using this one I’m a huge fan of the Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant eye cream which I use along with the Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant eye serum. I’m obsessed with finding the right eye creams and the ones mentioned above are really the best ones I’ve found so far.

Bbrowbar brow oilThis nourishing oil is supposed to stimulate growth and protect your eyebrows perfectly. To be honest, not really sure if I can see any difference yet but anything that is helping my brows to grow bigger I can’t turn down! Nope, I don’t pluck my eyebrows.

Bioderma sensibio light day cream this moisturizing cream is an excellent makeup base. It’s not too thick or too thin, it’s perfect. No weird ingredients or perfume, just a really great day cream.

Jurlique skin balancing face oilI’ve told you about the Jurlique calming mist earlier, and this is another product from their line that I totally love. If my skin is extra dry, I’ll use 2-3 drops as a serum underneath my day cream but usually I’ll wear it at night time. One might think that an oil will make your skin oily but it’s actually totally the opposite.

Verso facial serumThis super facial serum reduces pigment spots and wrinkles, gives you an healing and strengthening effect thanks to a unique complex called “Retinol 8”. Our Beauty editor at STYLEBY raves about this one beacuse of the previous mentioned reason. This is one of the bestsellers at Net-a-porter and it’s not hard to understand why.

Morihata binchotan facial puffmade from the roots of a vegetable fiber called “Konjac”, this black puff helps to exfoliate, cleanse, draw out impurities, and restore skin’s natural pH level. I truly recommend it, one of my top favourite beauty products of all time!


As you may already know (referring to this post) I’m a big fan of wearing certain scents only when being in a certain place or state of mind. For example, the Margiela perfume mentioned in the post referred to above is something I wear only, and I mean ONLY when on vacation. Tomorrow I’m going to Paris, one of my favourite cities so I thought it was time to take a trip down memory lane and bring my Paris scent, Philosykos by Diptyque. I have some great memories with this one, let’s hope I get a couple of more of those the days to come.

New favorite

Lightning powder and brush from Hourglass.

Literally the best powder I’ve tried in years.

The hair

Eleonora Baumann shot by Matteo Montanari and styled by Marine Chaumien. Makeup by Kathy le Sant and hair by Paolo Soffiatti.

Perfect hair, suttle make up and bold lashes – really in the mood for this look at the moment.


Calming Mist from Jurlique.