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women in fashion share their ideas

Mood boards

The mood boards are selected images, videos, sounds and texts. They often have a theme, the mood board title (behind the images!) might explain. Move and make the images bigger or smaller, and explore your favorite categories.

World of Jessica

by guest contributor Jessica Hans

The robotic arm on NASA's Mars rover Curiosity delivered a sample of Martian soil to the rover's observation tray for the first time during the mission's 70th Martian day, or sol (Oct. 16, 2012). Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS. Found here. Explore: Space, travels
Pouch Cove, Newfoundland, Photographs by Bob Brink. Found here. Explore: books, nature, travels, water
The stylite cone, Pasha Baja valley. Cappadocia, 1935. Found here. Explore: nature, travels
Inside a Wood Kiln, photographer unknown.. Explore: photography
Alois Arnegger, “Snowy Alps”. Found here. Explore: art, nature, travels
Joan Miro, “Pumpkin with Birds”, 1954. Found here. Explore: art, sculpture
Fascinating Experiments in Physics by François Cherrier, Sterling Publishing, NY, 1979 (originally published in France as Experiences de Physique Amusante, 1975).. Explore: green, still life
Granite African Alpinus. Found here. Explore: beige, nature
Brancusi, Prometheus, 1926-29. Found here. Explore: art, sculpture
Sisiutl, one of the main dancers in the Winter Dance ceremonies, wearing a double-headed serpent mask and shirt made of hemlock boughs, 1914. Edward Curtis/Library of Congress. Found here. Explore: dance, people

Jessica Hans is an artist and designer based in Philadelphia. Find her here.

Guest mood board by Stephania Yepes

by guest contributor Stephania Yepes

From A-POC Making by Issey Miyake and Dai Fujiwara, 2001. Found here. Explore: art, books, red
by Vanessa Beecroft, 1990. Found here. Explore: body, people
By Kazumi Kurigami for Viva magazine, 1978. Found here. Explore: fashion photography, nature, yellow
A-POC Le Feu, by Issey Miyake and Dai Fujiwara, Issey Miyake spring/summer 1999 collection. Found here. Explore: 90s, fashion, red
"Friends" cover, Amii Stewart, 1984. Found here. Explore: 80s, artists, red
Irving Penn Regards the Work of Issey Miyake, . Found here. Explore: books, fashion photography
Farida Khelfa, by Jean Paul Goude, 1985. Found here. Explore: 80s, hair, models
Danse d'esclaves by Agostino Brunias. Found here. Explore: art, dance, people
Bashi-Bazouk by Gérôme, 1868-69. Found here. Explore: art, portraits
Farida Khelfa by Jean Paul Goude for Azzedine Alaia fall/winter, 1985. Found here. Explore: 80s, fashion photography, hair, models, red

Stephania Yepes is a fashion stylist based in Barcelona. Find her here.

The fit

by guest contributor Nobuko Tannawa

Frowst series, Joanna Piotrowska. Found here. Explore: men, portraits
Cristaseya # 10 by Andrea Spotorno. Found here. Explore: photography
Jeff Wall, Changing Room, 2014. Found here. Explore: red
Vogue Paris, by Inez and Vinoodh, August 2009. Found here. Explore: beige, fashion photography
by Thayaht (Ernesto Michahelles). Found here. Explore: art, artist
Ellesse. Found here. Explore: campaigns, fashion, fashion photography, portraits
Bridget Hall by Steven Meisel, Vogue Italia, 1993. Found here. Explore: fashion photography, models
Naked Man, Back View (Leigh Bowery), Lucian Freud, 1991-92. Found here. Explore: art, body
Lawyer firm in New York, Lars Tunbjörk, 1997. Found here. Explore: photography
Yohji Yamamoto. Found here. Explore: design, fashion, Film

Nobuko Tannawa is a freelance fashion stylist and a consultant based in London. Find her here.

A quiet tension

by guest contributor Anna de Rijk

Masahisa Kusase, 2018. Found here. Explore: eyes
Smoking Black Cat, Aleksandra Waliszewska. Found here. Explore: animals, art, yellow
Untitled, Enrico David. Source unknown. Explore: art, sculpture
Cleaning the Rietveld Paviljoen, Job Koelewijn. Source unknown. Explore: people, photography
Young Woman under the Snow, Kitano Tsunetomi. Found here. Explore: art, blue, portraits
Models and Photoghraphers (IV), Shoji Ueda. Source unknown.. Explore: art, people
Masahisa Fukase. Source unknown.. Explore: animals, portraits
Drawings of Old Trees, Patrick van Caeckenbergh. Source unknown. Explore: art, nature
Un femme douce, Robert Bresson. Source unknown. Explore: hands, photography
Bamboo Forest, Umesaka Ori. Source unknown. . Explore: art, nature

Anna de Rijk is a model, the world is her home. Find her here.


Inspired by women on the move. Doing something.  Really wearing things and getting it done. Real clothes. Real women. Basics. Classics. A nod to the 90’s and life pre internet.


by guest contributor Jessi Frederick

Source unknown. Found here. Explore: body, make up, pink
Source unknown. Found here. Explore: body, eyes, photography
Photography by Nadia Sarwar. Found here. Explore: photography
Stella Tennant by Mark Borthwick. Found here. Explore: photography, portraits
Stella Tennant by Mark Borthwick. Found here. Explore: dance, fashion photography
Brigitte Bardot and Alain Delon. Found here. Explore: photography
Iringo Demeter, source unknown. Explore: photography, portraits
Found here. Explore: hands
Katrien De Blauwer, source unknown. Explore: hair
'The human figure - a photographic reference for artists' by Erik A.Ruby, source unknown. Explore: hair

Jessi Frederick is a stylist and consultant based in New York. Find her here.