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The mood boards are selected images, videos, sounds and texts. They often have a theme, the mood board title (behind the images!) might explain. Move and make the images bigger or smaller, and explore your favorite categories.

bonne nuit

Egon Schiele 'Self-portrait with lowered head' 1912.
Solange. Found here.
Greta Garbo and Asta Nielsen in 'Joyless Street' 1925.
Jean Paul Gaultier, haute couture 2007. Found here.
By Ida Norberg @1_4nor. Found here.
Jēkabs Kazaks.
Juan Gris 'Fruitbasket and Newspaper'.
Gösta Ekman in 'Picassos Äventyr' by Tage Danielsson 1978.
@okay.kaya. Found here.
'Beppes godnattstund' 1968. Found here.


@the_corner_store. Found here. Explore: white
@carlota_guerrero. Found here. Explore: body, glitter
Harriet Andersson in 'Cries and Whispers' 1972 by Ingmar Bergman. Found here. Explore: Film
@annaclaraleo. Found here.
'Queen Christina' 1933 Greta Garbo. Explore: Film
@stylemefresh. Found here.
Guy le Querrec - restaurant "la bière" Paris 1975 Found here.
@christianespangsberg. Found here.
Unknown. Found here.
Superleggera chair by Gio Ponti 1957.
'Persona' 1966 by Ingmar Bergman.

Mi Corazon

by guest contributor Irene Guarenas

From the book "Alchemy: The Secret Art" by Stanislas Kossowski de Rola. Explore: art, books
From "L'annee" 1991 editions, France Loisirs. Explore: photography
The four seasons by Abraham Janssens 1575-1632. Found here. Explore: art
The 4 seasons by Abraham Janssens 1575-1632. Found here. Explore: art
"Nu sur tapis" Max Pechstein. Explore: art, purple
"Le Semeur" Vincent Van Gogh, 1890. Explore: art
"Blond girl and doll" August Macke, 1910. Found here. Explore: art
Source unknown. Found here. Explore: hair
Walter Pfeiffer, 1980-2000. Explore: photography
From Gunsmith Cats, Kenichi Sonoda's, 1995. Explore: purple
Versage, Bruce Weber, 1996. Found here. Explore: photography

Irene Guarenas is a model based in Paris. Find her here.


Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe, Sitting Hare. Found here.
Vincent Van Gogh, Wheat Field with Cypresses. Found here.
Sara-Vide Ericson, The Grave. Found here.
Benjamin Vnuk, personal work, Adela Portaits. Found here.
Carl Fredrik Hill, Grustag med hjulspar. Found here.
Sara-Vide Ericson, Raft. Found here.
Henri Matisse, The Goldfish. Found here.

piece of alva

Egon Schiele . Explore: beige
@stylemefresh Jean-Paul Gaultier ss18 . Explore: make up
@peanutmochi. Found here.
Unknown . Found here. Explore: love, vintage
@peanutmochi . Found here. Explore: purple
'Scener ur ett äktenskap' by Ingmar Bergman 1974. Found here. Explore: 70s, Film
Solange. Found here. Explore: purple
Marie-Louise Ekman 1974 . Found here. Explore: 70s
'München-Athen' 1983 written by Lars Norén directed by Peter Luckhaus . Explore: purple
Kris Grikaite by Angelo Pennetta for Dazed Magazine . Found here. Explore: fashion
'Picassos Äventyr' 1978 directed by Tage Danielsson . Explore: 70s, Film


by guest contributor Joanna & Sarah Halpin

Photo Chris Schoonover. Found here. Explore: photography
COS Market Art Fair. Found here. Explore: design
Photo Darren McDonald for ELLE Australia. Explore: fashion photography
Doug Abraham artwork. Found here. Explore: art, body
Giorgio Armani FW 1996. Found here. Explore: fashion
Jay Nova, Nasty Magazine. Found here. Explore: photography, portraits
Nancy Brooks Brody, 2011. Found here. Explore: art, body
Personal artwork by Sarah Halpin. Explore: beige, photography
Personal artwork by Joanna Halpin. Explore: orange, still life
Photo James Stolic for Yen Magazine. Found here. Explore: beige, body

Joanna & Sarah Halpin are sisters and creative directors based in London. Find them here.