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The Mood

By the poolside

Swimsuit from Eres.

Total Relaxation

Towel from Totême, sun screen from Clarins.

Ahh, so I took the weekend off, I mean no emails, no blogging, no instagram, no nothing. Just good food, reading and exploring a new city. Couldn’t be happier. Now: Barcelona for one night and then on to the next destination.

Dreaming away

So, starting the vacation didn’t turn out quite as I had thought as there is still a lot of work to be done but in a couple of days I’m hoping for calmer days and within 10 days I’m off to Spain. Can’t wait! As for now, I just have to keep dreaming away, looking at the images seen above. That bikini is definitely still on my mind..

Quite a catch

If your wallet doesn’t allow the ones from Givenchy. From Zara.

Million Bucks

Yesterday Rihanna received the Fashion Icon of the year award at last nights CDFA Fashion Awards. Now, did she look like a million bucks, or what?


Picture via NY Times instagram account.

Wishful thinking

On my wishlist for summer: a black silk shirt.