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My latest work for Vogue UK.


Waleska Gorczevski, photographed by Anderas Öhlund and Maria Therese. Hair by Peter Johansson, makeup by Nina Belkhir and styled by me for the latest issue of STYLEBY.


Take part of my monthly moodboard in the latest issue of STYLEBY, which is all about mermaids and the world beneath water, something that has always fascinated me.

I must be a mermaid I have no fear of depths, and a great fear of shallow living

The quote by Anais Nin was sent to me by sms from a close friend of mine. I’ve always been drawn to the underwater world, and the fascination for mermaids has followed me since childhood. For me, she symbolizes the collision of two worlds – of course, the world over and under water but it’s really something much more than that. This mythical figure found in fairy tales and the art world, stands over land borders, religion and culture. She is both real and fiction, not human nor animal -she is a being with magical powers. She is a woman.


Chiharu Okunugi, shot by Tobias Lundkvist and styled by me for H&M. Hair by Mette Thorsgaard and makeup by Josefin Scherdin.


Top from Tôteme, scarf from Saint Laurent, backpack from Nancy Gonzales, trousers from Weekday, necklace from Orit Elhanati, body oil from Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, perfume case from Byredo, dress from Rika, sandals from H&M and volume mascara from YSL.

Top picks for the party season in the latest issue of STYLEBY – in stores now. Go get it!


Thank you, Vogue Netherlands for the feature!

Translation below:

Columbine Smille (28) from Stockholm is the Fashion Director at the Swedish magazine STYLEBY, she also works as a freelance stylist for clients such as H&M and Interview Magazine and maintains a blog on

The strangest girl in class
“When I was ten years old I wore a corduroy jacket with flared pants and vintage Adidas jeans every day, all from the thrift store. That might sound cool now but back then it was absolutely not fashionable. Ideally I’d worn the same clothes as the cool kids in class, but my parents did not have enough money, so I was sort of forced to develop my own style as a kid. I was the weirdest girl in the class style wise.”

Huge hippie parents
“My parents were both huge hippies. If my friends complained that felt pressure to study medicine from their parents, I understood nothing of it. My father’s (philosophy teacher) motto was really to feel the joy of freedom. I always knew that I was going to do something creative. After school I started assisting stylists in the TV world and in magazines. I worked for the worst magazines, but it made me get clear visions about what I wanted my styling to be.”

The blog
“In 2008 I started blogging. It’s nice to have my own platform to express my visions, but I’ve never really taken it too serious. On one hand, the attention it brought me helped a lot for work, but on the other hand, I’ve also suffered from the superficial image of bloggers.”

Documentaries about the universe
“In my free time I prefer to read. Real books, never iPad, because the world is already digitally enough. Two of my favorite books are The Woman Destroyed by Simone de Beauvoir and Blue Nights by Joan Didion. On my ideal free evening I can watch documentaries for hours, preferable with scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson about the universe – my big obsession! – It’s very relaxing.”

“My grandmother is my role model. She is 95 this year and is still wearing golden heels, big jewelery and leopard blouses. That playful way of dealing with fashion, is really something I inherited from her. And we share a love of kaftans, my grandfather used to by them for my grandmother when on travel.”