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A digital atelier where inspirational
women in fashion share their ideas

Work with Studio Space Matters

In interactive mood boards, Space Matters contributors share their inspirations.

Space Matters is a network of today’s strongest voices in fashion–a digital studio where fashion insiders share their ideas. Fearless women with strong minds and a lot of impact are invited to guest edit and post.

Studio Space Matters is a creative agency doing fashion consultancy and content production for editorial and commercial clients. The Space Matters Studio is a contemporary, borderless, forward-thinking agency reaching a new fashion audience. The Space Matters editors–photographers, stylists, writers, models, consultants, casting directors, recording artists etc–team up to produce campaigns and creative content in collaboration with partnering brands.

“The most noticeable thing about Space Matters, and one of the things that first drew us to the site, is that it exists almost solely to foster creative relationships. Lisa, Nike and Columbine have built this wonderful, unconventional space that brings people and ideas together, helping to coordinate energies and strengthen a kind of global sisterhood.”

Alexandra Nataf, editor-in-chief Unconditional

Who we are and what we do for brands

The Space Matters Studio offers two services: fashion consultancy and content production–with our editors as production team, and media partnership with relevant reach–with the help of our extended network of influencers.


Stage 1: production

Our contributing editors make up our in-house production agency. We develop forward-thinking strategies and produce relevant content aimed at a fashion-savvy audiences.

Stage 2: media/reach

Via our extended network, we give our campaigns wings. Selected influencers from our network share campaign images and messages via their channels.

Studio Space Matters’ team of creatives

Our editors make up our production team when we do collaborations with brands and consultancy work. Most of our editors are influencers in fashion, based in Stockholm and New York.


Lisa Corneliusson

Co-founder and editor-in-chief of Space Matters. Editor and journalist with a background with Rodeo, Swedish Television and Dagens Nyheter. Founder of sustainability concept Make it last and freelance fashion consultant.

Portfolio here.
Instagram followers: 4 000


Columbine Smille

Stockholm and New York based fashion director of STYLEBY. Freelance stylist with clients such as H&M, Gant and Frame. Featured stylist in Vogue, Cover and Zoo Magazine. One of Sweden’s most popular fashion bloggers.

Portfolio here.
Instagram followers: 50 000


Nike Felldin

Stockholm and Amsterdam based stylist with regular contributions in magazines such as Contributor and Café. Works with brands Rodebjer, Adidas, Gina Tricot and Bik Bok. Also dj and music enthusiast. Long-time team member of

Portfolio here.
Instagram followers: 7 000


Aziza Azim

Digital influencer and fashion consultant. Runs brand consulting agency with base in New York och Moscow. Streetstyle favorite and frequently featured on sites like Garance Dore and Into The Gloss. Model for TheoryAG Jeans and others. 

Instagram followers: 21 000


Say Lou Lou

Twin sister musical duo hailing from Australia and Sweden, currently touring the world with critically acclaimed album Lucid Dreaming. Style icons with gigs for Gucci and Chanel.

Portfolio here.
Instagram followers: 20 000


Ilona Hamer

Fashion director of Unconditional and contributing fashion editor at Russh Magazine. Background with Australian Vogue. Launched her own swimwear brand Matteau Swim in early 2015.

Portfolio here.
Instagram followers: 21 000


Camilla Engström

New York based artist and designer. Featured on Manrepeller and Recently did a design collaboration with Opening Ceremony. Model, most recently in a campaign for GAP.

Portfolio  here.
Instagram followers: 8 500


Alexandra Nataf

New York based Parisian photographer with gigs for magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Russh. Founder and creative director of Unconditional Magazine

Portfolio here.
Instagram followers: 8 000


Extended network (previous contributors)

When working with commercial clients aiming to reach fashion-savvy audiences, locally or world wide, Space Matters turns to our invite-only network of female creatives from around the world to spread the messages. We engage people from our extended network in different ways depending on the project–we might team up with them to shoot, style, model or write something, or to spread a message in their social media channels.

Name, profession, instagram reach as of november 2015

Phoebe Tonkin model 2,000,000
Mija Knezevic blogger 310,000
Frida Gustavsson model 127,000
Sabrina Meijer blogger 114,000
Arvida Byström photographer 103,000
Alba Galocha model 73,500
Brianna Lance creative director 72,100
Lauren Flaherty art director 69,000
Lian Kebudi stylist 62,000
Ezgi Icel stylist 62,000
Veneda Budny model 60,000
Veronica Heilbrunner stylist 58,500
Columbine Smille stylist 50,000
Dafy Hagai photographer 48,000
Georgia Tordini designer 37,000
Mimi Xu dj 32 500
Irina Lakicevic blogger 32,400
Maral Asmani stylist 27,300
Diletta Bonaiuti stylist 27,000
Amanda Norgaard model 24,200
Aziza Azim fashion consultant 21,100
Ilona Hamer stylist 21,000
Say Lou Lou musicians 20,200
Emma Leth model 20,000
Nicole Huisman stylist 19,100
Emma Elwin stylist 18,000
Alexandra Carl stylist 17,300
Sandy Liang designer 15,000
Sophie Bille Brahe designer 15,000
Stephanie Gundelach stylist 14,700
Alex Eagle creative director 14,300
Haya Maraka creative consultant 13,000
Coco Baudelle actress 11,300
Martina Ragan model 11,000
Julia Campbell model 9,500
Vittoria Cerciello stylist 9,000
Camilla Engström artist 8,800
Malaya Mekonnen model 8,500
Alexandra Nataf photographer 8,100
Dana Boulos photographer 7,300
Nike Felldin stylist 7,000
Zaga Grau interior designer, 6 900
Malin Gabriella Nordin artist 6,500
Alina Maria Birkner artist 6,000
Brie Welch editor 6,000
Susannah Ligouri stylist 6,000
Rosie Matheson photographer 5,600
Gabrielle Kannemeyer stylist 5,500
Lara Jane Caulson photographer 5,500
Thora Valdimarsdottir stylist 5,400
Ceclien Togni creative consultant 4,900
Rebecca Osei-Baidoo buyer 4,800
Stephanie Broek editor 4,800
Freya Dalsjö designer 4,700
Emelie R Johansson stylist 4,500
Daniela Jacobs designer 4,300
Paulina Liffner designer 4,100
Justine Leenarts photographer 4 100
Lisa Corneliusson editor 4,000

Azha Luckman creative consultant 3,900
Donnika Anderson
editor 3,900
Elissa McGowan
designer 3,800
Lykke Saeves stylist 3,800
Cheryl Humphreys designer 3,700
Fumi Nagasaka photographer 3,600
Poppy Okotcha model 3,600
Saskia Wilson photographer 3,200
Victoria Sekrier stylist 3,200
Pamela Costantini designer 3,000
Claire Thomson Jonville editor 2,900
Coral Kwayie model 2,900
Mariaelena Morelli fashion editor 2,800
Nathalie Wouters editor 2,600
Sophie Vlaming
model 2,600
Claudia Cifu stylist 2,500
Gijsje Ribbens editor 2,500
Lotte van Raalte photographer 2,300
Rosa-Sofiah Connell stylist 2,300
Barbara Gullstein stylist 2,000
Behnaz Aram designer 2,000
Johanna Schneider dj 2,000
Nafisa Kaptownwala casting director 2,000
Elinor Nystedt creative consultant 1,800
Bojana Tatarska photographer 1,700
Melisa Denizeri designer 1,700
Patricia Garate creative director 1,700
Chloe Hayward actress 1,600
Sandra Wannerstedt make up artist 1,600
Shannon Nataf designer 1,600
Camilla Pole stylist 1,100
Yomi Abiola model 1,100
Chili De Almeida Bendt pr consultant 1,000
Femi Frykberg graphic designer 1,000
Natalia Altewai designer 1,000
Suzanne Beirne set designer 1,000
Alicia J Chon creative director 900
Masha Taavoniku art coordinator 900
Randa Saome designer 900
Hedvig Jenning photographer 800
Maria Therese photographer 800
Sophia Eriksen make up artist 800
Maya Lourenco dj 700
Veronica Lindqvist make up artist 700
Ninja Hanna photographer 650
Dea Saracevic producer 600
Dimen Abdulla director 600
Lamija Suljevic designer 600
Maja Söderlund make up artist 600
Maria Montti stylist 600
Lyna V Ahanda editor 550
Kimberly Ihre art director 500
Matilde Rasmussen model 500
Asrin Haidari art coordinator 400
Lo Hallén pr consultant 400
Ottil Songanurninvivolasas artist 400
Bianca Cruzeiro actress 300
Elin Eriksson hair stylist 300
Lena Modigh photographer 200

Key figures


Instagram reach via the contributing editors (november 2015)


Guest contributors (digital influencers and fashion professionals)


Instagram reach via the extended network (november 2015)

Case: Adidas

Campaign for adidas as they relaunched the classic shoe Superstar. Content production (concept, production management, casting, photography, styling and coordination) and media partnership (on Space Matters and relevant influencers’ social media channels) by Space Matters.

Case: Carlsberg

Content production (image + text) and media partnership for Carlsberg’s concept The Green Door Project, that aims to create collaborations between contemporary influencers. Guest blog on Space Matters featuring interviews, articles and photo diary.