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Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.



“I am a massive fan of Pure Evil’s work and Twin Peaks heavily influenced my teenage years, so this painting is everything to me. Pure Evil is the tag name for Charles Uzzel Edwards, a street artist and gallery owner in East London. The painting is a one of a kind, having been part of Charles’s first ‘Nightmare series’; a collection of artwork inspired by an email Charles received from China offering to re-produce Warhol paintings. The idea of Warhol’s entire artistic output distilled down to thumb nails inspired him to paint these doomed and dripping celebrity portraits which have become one of his most successful and recognised works alongside the ‘Bad Bunny’. The Laura Palmer painting is the only one not depicting a real person (living or dead), and for some reason, unlike the Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe versions it never took off. Lucky for me, Charles very kindly did me the best deal ever as a wedding present and I am now the owner of the original canvas – one of the few that never got made into a screen print. It hangs over the fireplace in our dining room.”

David Lynch’s Nightmare, Pure Evil, 1968. Found here.


“I love everything about this; the film, the graphics, the colors and more than anything, the feeling of freedom it evokes in me every time I look at it. A framed full size copy of this movie poster hangs in my home and just looking at it brings back memories of my past, particularly of evening surf sessions across the globe. I first saw the film in Hawaii, the place where I discovered surfing and it has continued to be one of my favorite films ever since.”

“The Endless Summer” by Bruce Brown, 1966. Found here.


“This picture makes me very nostalgic as it brings back memories of my wedding and how I came to wear what I did on the day. When I got engaged I immediately knew who was going to make my wedding shoes but I couldn’t make up my mind about what outfit I should wear. I tried on so many dresses and nothing felt quite right. Wearing a gown just wasn’t my thing and although pretty, I felt uncomfortable. During a dinner in Paris (less than three months before the wedding) I was in a panic and a friend said ‘I always pictured you more in shorts or a suit, you know’. That was my eureka moment.  I remembered flicking through one of my many books on 70’s clothing and coming across this image of Mick and Bianca Jagger on their wedding day.  I’ve always loved this image – it is just so effortless and simple, yet striking. Three months later I got married in a white short suit by Pucci wearing a massive big white floppy hat with a veil and I felt like me, just better.”

Mick and Bianca Jagger on their wedding day, Saint Tropez, 1971. Found here.


Major girl crush on the fresh faced, politically outspoken actress with impeccable style Laura Harrier. It goes without saying that I love that she likes to spend her summer in Matteau, but I love her even more when she is wearing nothing but mother nature.  Just dreamy.


James Turell talking about Roden Crater. I have seen a lot of pictures of this large-scale artwork of his and seeing this film only made me want to go there even more. Press play!

Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.



“Ivekovic’s earliest pieces used fashion magazines, ads and personal photographs to dissect the particular role the media and consumerism play in subjugating and manipulating women. This was in the seventies and she was responding to life under a dictatorship in Yugoslavia. She is a crucial figure in post-war Eastern art, yet remains still relatively unknown. I find her fascinating…”

Art by Sanja Ivekovic from the “Sweet Violence” series, 1970s.


“I’ve been completely obsessed with the artist for many years and just adore this painting. With closed eyes, Balthus’s pubescent and provocative model is lost in thought and seems completely at home in her youth. Thérèse Blanchard, was about twelve or thirteen at the time this picture was made. I love the mysterious suspense and secretive dimension that permeate the work.”

“Thérèse Dreaming” by artist Balthus, 1938. Found here.


“It is entitled “Self Portrait” and was taken in 1977. I love the duality of the work with the bad boy implication contrasting with the simple elegance of the image. I like that the hand is writing the word “pictures”, a contradictory composition if we look at it in the age of the selfie!”

“Self Potrait” by Robert Mapplethorpe, 1977. Found here.


In love with the designs from rising star Cecilie Bahnsen. Her ss18 collection seen above.


Went to LA for work 2 weeks in June and had the best time. Here are some snapshots from my stay.

Wearing shoes from Martiniano.

Houses in Venice.

My assistant and partner in crime, Mikaela<3.

Flowers and concrete.

On my way to dinner with space sister Aziza, wearing dress from Rodebjer and shoes from Martiniano.

Shooting at the beach.

Photogram from 1922 by Moholy-Nagy at the Future Present exhibition at LACMA.

Q, 1922.

Loved this advertising brochure for the school of Design in Chicago.

Finds at Otherwild.

Wearing mobile earrings from Faris.

Mariah moment. Going out o dinner wearing top from Isabel Marant, jeans from Filippa K, shoes from Gucci, bag from Trademark.

The day after. Wearing hat from Esprit, top from Lemaire.

Our house<3.

Me and Mikaela<3

Flowers in Venice.

After work at Sunset Tower.

On my way to work.

After work in Venice<3.

Afternoon by the ocean.

Favourite store, Dream Collective.

Favourite dress from Marimekko.

Day off at Matador beach.

At the airport wearing Totême tights.