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by guest contributor Carlijn Jacobs

Source unknown. Explore: body
Source unknown. Explore: hands
Source unknown.
Source unknown.
Source unknown. Explore: make up
Photography by Brassai, Paris, 1930. Found here. Explore: hair, photography
Artist unknown. Found here. Explore: make up, portraits
Kansai Yamamoto, Fall/ winter 1979. Found here. Explore: fashion, Space
Pierre Cardin, China, 2007. Found here. Explore: fashion, white
Valentino. Found here. Explore: food
Source unknown. Explore: hair, portraits
Cher for "The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour", 1972. Found here. Explore: make up, portraits
art glass. Found here. Explore: art, blue
Artist unknown. Explore: art, water
Dominique Issermann. Found here. Explore: photography, water
Isabelle Weingarten, photography by Serge Lutens,. Found here. Explore: actors, portraits

Carlijn Jacobs is a photographer and director based between London and Paris. Find her here.

Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.

Louise Ford is a fashion stylist based in London. Find her here.


I studied Shakespeare at university and fell in love with the costume rather than the language (which was meant to be my focus). Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet was so sumptuous you wanted to reach into the screen and touch the Elizabethan velvets and Jacobean brocades. I have since through fashion styling, been drawn to contemporary aesthetics that draw on 16th century design, colour palettes and of course, romance.

Olivia Hussey in Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliette, 1968. Found here.


My Grandmother was my hero. She was a kind soul and had impeccable taste! Usually found in hand-painted silk dresses and walking boots exploring as many new cultures as she could fit into one lifetime. She lived all over the world and accumulated a delicious melting pot of recipes, leaving behind a treasured cookbook. I’m rarely not cooking one of her dishes. In this photo, my grandparents are driving from the Middle East to Norfolk on their wedding day.

Personal photo. 


I felt very akin to Frida Kahlo growing up. My mother possessed a similar zest for colour, painting, appearance, and strength of character. I spent a long time in hospital at 21 years old, like Frida, and felt frustrated by my (temporary) disability. Art was my only outlet which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I refined my cultural references, read about fashion history and leaders in taste-making. I started to build a library of dog-eared photography books which I rely on today when building moodboards for shoots.

Frida Kahlo’s prosthetic leg. Found here.

True to form

Artist unknown. Explore: art, red
"Turn soft and lovely" Jenny Holzer . Found here. Explore: Film
Margiela . Found here. Explore: flowers
Carol Bove, David Zwirner Gallery. Found here. Explore: art, red
Artist unknown. Explore: photography
Source unknown. Explore: music, vintage
Photogrpahy Hans Feurer. Found here. Explore: photography
On set of Papa Don’t Preach, Madonna, 1986. Found here. Explore: 80s
Merce Cunningham x Rei Kawakubo. Found here. Explore: dance, red
Artist unknown. Explore: body
Michael and Eva Chow- New York- 1988- Francois Halard photograph. Found here. Explore: architecture, interior
Broadway dancer Ann Reinking, photo by Jack Mitchell, 1981. Found here. Explore: 80s, dance
artist unknown. Found here. Explore: Space
Pina Bausch. Found here. Explore: portraits


Katie Lion. Found here. Explore: art, beige, sculpture
Artist unknown. Found here. Explore: animals, photography
Men kissing under tree, Kay Tobin, 1977-1978. Found here. Explore: people, photography, summer
Body/Index, Carmen Winant, 2018. Found here. Explore: art, body
By the Society for Visual Education in Chicago, 1970. Found here. Explore: 70s, people, photography
Diálogo de mãos, Lygia Clark, 1966. Found here. Explore: hands
Artist unknown. Explore: people, photography
Artist unknown. Found here. Explore: body, red
Artist and source unknown. Found here. Explore: art
Artist unknown. Found here. Explore: art, music
Diálogo de mãos, Lygia Clark, 1966. Found here.
”Rock Island", Photography by Henry Roy, 2005. Found here. Explore: nature, photography, water
Source unknown. Explore: hair
Ryan McGinley, 2004-2009. Found here. Explore: body, photography
Artist and source unknown. Explore: body, summer
”Man sleeping”, Photography by Henry Roy, 2002. Found here. Explore: people, photography
"Surrounded Islands", Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Biscayne Bay, Greater Miami, Florida 1980-83. Found here. Explore: art, nature, water

à la recherche du temps perdu

by guest contributor Justine Menard

Gertrude Stein with Basket, Horst P, Paris 1930. Found here. Explore: portraits
Leonor Fini, by Doara Maar, 1934. Found here. Explore: photography, portraits
Leonor Fini. Source unknown. . Explore: art, portraits
Source unknown. Explore: interior
Explore: portraits
Apartment of Madame de Florian. Found here. Explore: animals, interior
Kate Phelan. Found here. Explore: art, portraits
Found here. Explore: art
"Among women", Padre Amaro, 1977. Found here. Explore: art, people
Ella Eronen, by Jodi Cobb, Helsinki, Finland, 1980. Found here. Explore: portraits

Justine Menard is a stylist based in London and Paris.

Find her here.

autumn 40-70

@inouicg. Found here.
photo by photographer Angelina Bergenwall. Found here. Found here.
@batshevadress. Found here.
@hello_artists. Found here.
@adelefarine. Found here.
@aboutarianne. Found here.
Found here.
@agnesanjou. Found here.
Frederick Judd Waugh, 1922. Found here.
Meryl Streep.
@darnersocks. Found here.
@peanutmochi. Found here.
Inside the Oscars theatre in Stockholm - via their instagram @oscarsteatern. Found here.
@heddastiernstedt. Found here.