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A digital atelier where inspirational
women in fashion share their ideas


by guest contributor Ece Öğütoğullari

Wassily Kandinsky, Bleu de Ciel ,1940. Found here. Explore: art, blue
Rene Burri, Cuba, 1993. Found here. Explore: people, summer, travels
Photographed by Zoe Ghertner, Vogue, September 2017. Found here. Explore: animals, fashion photography, models, summer
Catherine Wilke photographed by Slim Aarons, Capri 1980. Found here. Explore: people, summer, travels
True Photo Journal No.1, photographed by Annemarieke van Drimmelen. Found here. Explore: animals, photography
Love Magazine, 2017. Found here. Explore: fashion photography, magazines
Helmut Lang campaign - SS 1992. Found here. Explore: beige, campaigns, fashion photography
Gucci by Tom Ford, photographed by Philippe Garcia, 1999. Found here. Explore: fashion, fashion photography
Dolores Doll for Jacquemus SS14. Found here. Explore: fashion, fashion photography, flowers, pink, summer
Curtain Wall by Shigeru Ban. Found here. Explore: architecture, interior, travels

Ece Öğütoğullari is a fashion editor at Vogue Turkey. Find her here.


by guest contributor Bridie Gilbert

"615 Jefferson ave" by David Armstrong. Found here. Explore: art, body, photography
William Eggleston. Found here. Explore: people, photography, yellow
Bruce Davidson, 1959. Found here. Explore: cars, people, photography
Eugène Atget, 1921. Found here. Explore: body, people, photography
"Exorcism of the Last Painting I Ever Made", Tracey Emin. Found here. Explore: art, portraits
From Space2 by Francesca Woodman, 1976. Found here. Explore: art, body, interior, photography
"Last Day of Summer", Jock Sturges. Found here. Explore: photography, summer, travels
Television Portrait (Cathy, London) by Paul Graham, 1989. Found here. Explore: photography, portraits
"Seated woman in underwear", Egon Schiele. Found here. Explore: art, beige, portraits
Albert Tucker, 1914–1999. Found here. Explore: body, people, photography, summer

Bridie Gilbert is a stylist based in London. Find her here.


Perhaps we are the same person. Perhaps we have no limits. Perhaps we flow into each other, stream through each other, boundlessly and magnificently.

– Bergman, ‘Fanny and Alxander’, 1982


A few of my favorite things

by guest contributor Ondine Azoulay

Shelley and Di by Anita Corbin, 1980 . Found here. Explore: 80s, photography, portraits
Source unknown. Explore: photography, pink
Chloë Sevigny by Bernadette Corporation. Found here. Explore: actors, photography, portraits
Sissy Spacek in the movie "Badlands", 1973. Found here. Explore: actors, make up, movies, portraits
Source unknown. Explore: make up, portraits
Bum 1 from the series "Models of surfaces", Isabelle Wenzel, 2010. Found here. Explore: body, green, photography
Charles H.Traub, Naples, 1982. Found here. Explore: 80s, people, summer
Franz Gertsch, 1975. Found here. Explore: make up, photography
M le Monde, Eloise Parry. Found here. Explore: blue, fashion photography, photography
"Teenage Precinct Shoppers", Nigel Shafran. Found here. Explore: 90s, people, portraits, street
"Furcoatsisters", Tom Wood, New Brighton, 1985. Found here. Explore: 80s, people, portraits

Ondine Azoulay is a stylist based in Paris. Find her here.


by guest contributor Flora Maclean

The Red Window, Betty Woodman, 2014. Found here. Explore: art, pink, red
Tourist outtake 1 by Flora Maclean. Explore: body, red, summer
Tourist outtake 2 by Flora Maclean . Explore: body, photography, summer
Statuesque Foliage Ms, George Little. Found here. Explore: art, yellow
Preparatory Sketch by George Little. Found here. Explore: art, red
The Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeoisie, Luis Buñuel, 1972. Found here. Explore: food, movies
Pierre Boncompain. Found here. Explore: art, yellow
Isabelle Huppert in “Malina”, Werner Schroeter, 1991. Found here. Explore: actors, movies
Pierre Boncompain. Found here. Explore: art, body
Teju Cole Brazzaville, 2013. Found here. Explore: photography, water

Flora Maclean is a photographer based in London. Find her here.

Defining moments

Sharp ladies share their three favorite images.

Chloé Harrouche is a fashion consultant based in Paris. Find her here. Profile picture by Lea Schleiffer.


I love this photo by Dennis Stock, which is hanging in my living room at home. The mood in the photo totally captivates me- the freedom of the woman and the fact that she’s isolated from the crowd makes it special for me. You can very well sense the era and the new feeling of women being able to be free and strong.

Photographer Dennis Stock, from the Magnum Gallery, 1968 Venice Beach Rock Festival. Found here.


I am in love with Rothko’s paintings and It’s one of my biggest dream to own one:) His way of mixing colours in his paintings always brings up certain feelings in me. 

Mark Rothko (Untitled), 1953. Found here.


I love the aesthetic of Atelier Brancusi, it’s so beautiful. I like that the place is small, and the ambience is very calm and intimate. I often go here to relax if I’m a bit stressed. 

Atelier Brancusi. Found here.


Profile picture by Lea Schleiffer.